A new name that better captures our mission to provide innovative sweat-based incentives to engage customers and employees

FitBank iPhone App

Incentive Based Health and Fitness

FitBank.Works Global Gym is the new iTunes app that enables "fitness democracy" and "sweat working" with its free sweat search engine. Currently covering the San Francisco Bay Area, Global Gym is expanding into the Washington D.C. area, and the Austin/San Antonio, Tex. corridor.Connecting people to their workout using technology, is the first in class app that provides real time, geo-located, tailored fitness searches to people, communities, companies, and business travelers.


FitBank is a fully customizable incentive program embedded in the Global Gym app. Companies, communities and social groups can use FitBank to capture and challenge fitness metrics. FitBank members are free to work out when and where they choose and track their personal metrics. FitBank multiplies members' fitness ROI by incentivizing (and rewarding) consistent commitment.

SweatWorking users can: 1) Find gyms and boutique fitness studios based on the Global Gym proprietary database, the only such repository of gym information in existence, which includes more than 50,000 gyms in the U.S. 2) Get detailed and accurate information on gym amenities. 3) Track their workouts in the "FitBank" program making them eligible for a range of incentives, such as paid time off, gift cards and other rewards from retailers, food and fitness brands.

Fitness Democracy

The world's first free sweat search built of, by, and fore people. Access and information for gyms, studios, classes, fitness events -- anytime, anywhere.

Geo Location

Search Gyms and Fitness locations near you. Register for Fit Bank and track your favorite gyms and check-ins.

Sweat Search

Wherever you are you can quickly locate gyms, studios, and fitness boutiques near you.

More features

Sweat Tech

Personal fitness tracking, free sweat search, custom group challenges, incentives, rewards and coupons

Fitness Challenges

Engage customers with fitness based challenges that levrage your brand's mission.

FitBank Dashboard

Create health-based incentive programs

Companies-to-customers: Custom tailored consumer products and brand marketing for engaged users

Companies-to-employees: Custom tailored employee wellness and incentive programs P2P - People-to-people Custom tailored social group "sweat working" with in-app messaging